Monthly Archives: April 2016


  After 5 years of lurking I decided I should probably start posting something.

I guess a little about me then, I refer to myself as a PLC programming Goon, as a Goon, I’m not the guy that sits in the cushy air conditioned office and writes the program, I’m the guy out in the field who makes it work the way the company said it would.  I’m the one freezing all winter and roasting all summer.  It seems that I’m also the guy that translates what the engineers are saying, in that impenetrable engineering jargon, to what the customers and operators can understand, so “when you engage the manual SPST contactor it initiates the 3 phase VFD and you get a positive displacement into the fill chamber.” becomes, ” when you push the green button it does the thing unit the tank reaches X, or you can push the red button to turn it off.”  I also get to explain that a program does NOT spontaneously change after 5 years of running fine, check the inputs and outputs, either a wire is broken or your equipment is broken. And for Dog’s sake, next time spend the extra $200 for the EPROM so you don’t lose the program every time you lose power. I mean, cripes, you just dropped 8grand on this thing, an extra 200 isn’t going to break the budget. 

I’ll also talk about my other interests, cars, motorcycles, trucks, anime, sci-fi/fantasy, RPGs, and travel.  Most likely I’ll a]occasionally talk about the complete and utter stupidity that seems to be taking over the world these days.