The ongoing WTF?! moments

We all have those WTF? moments, unfortunately for us  PLCgoons, these moments tend to last for our entire career.  A case in point, Friday afternoon, I get a call from a colleague, “Hey, how do you connect to a PLC?”  “What kind of PLC?”  “I don’t know, but there’s two of them.”  ” But you don’t know what kind they are.”  “I think he said on was like an Allen – Bradley, and the other one was a Schneider.”  “Schneider doesn’t make a PLC under it’s own name so it’s either a Square D Sy/Max or a Modicon.” ” He said it was from Italy. ”  “Well which A-B does he have?”  “I don’t know, does it make a difference>?”….

And so on.  And this is what we deal with daily, I have something and you have to know what it is and how to fix it, but I can’t give you any details because I didn’t bother writing anything down because it’s all the same.  Riiiight.  The most annoying part of this call was the fact that my colleague works daily with  DCS systems and safety controllers, he should know better.   It doesn’t annoy me that he doesn’t know how to log onto PLCs he’s never dealt with before, it annoys me that he didn’t get any information about the PLCs, he didn’t write anything down so that the information was available.

There are days when it truly amazes me that some many people have survived for as long as they have.


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