Getting Better All The Time

Well, Mom is getting better, slowly, cracked ribs, cracked sternum, cracked vertebrae, a collapsed lung, and severe head trauma.  It was horrible, and now Mom almost recognizes us, but not as we are today but as we were 40 years ago.  “Shane? When did you cut your hair?” my brother hasn’t had long hair since 1978.  But she is getting better, she walked to the bathroom yesterday, it may not sound like much, but four days ago she couldn’t stand without someone holding her up, now she can use her walker to go to the bathroom by herself.  My mom was always rather independent, so having to have people help her use the toilet has to be grating on her, now that she’s decided she won’t let it be this way things will improve rapidly.   But she still needs specialized care, so we keep vigil every night, and whoever is staying lets the rest of us know how things are going, she was walking earlier this morning, but that tired her out so she’s dozing right now, but she still isn’t eating enough, so she has a feeding tube.  But she’s walking, which means she’s getting stronger.


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