It’s My Birfday!

Or I like to call it Thursday.  Yep, I’m another year older and working on my birthday. To be honest, I usually forget it’s my birthday until someone wishes me a Happy Birthday, this year it was one of my sisters, and Arby’s, and Shanghai Bistro, and Applebee’s, Famous Dave’s, Taco John’s, Advance Auto, and several online forums, and a radio station down in TN, that one I don’t get, living here in the frozen north.  But I still have to work, but my “Give a Sh!t” is busted, but the work must get done.  

The heck with it, I need a dozen 1k resistors, so I’m heading to Radio Shack, yes, there’s one about 5 miles from me, you’d almost think I planned my home purchase based on the proximity to a DIY electronics store, but no I based it on the amount of acreage, lack of neighbors, and easy driving distance to a decent sized airport.  But I need some resistors so I can put some LEDs in the dash of my Scirocco, the LC1 needs an LED to flash trouble codes, and I’m building a digital dash for my Moto Guzzi, I have a set of digital gauges from Nordskog so now I need LEDs for the idiot lights, turn indicators and high beam indicator.

I’m thinking that maybe I should make this blog more useful rather than just using it for my meandering thoughts.   

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Hello? Anybody out there?  Just kidding.




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