The Busy Season

Well, we’re finally getting into the busy season, I haz stuffs to doooo. Oh my goodness.

So they seem to be slowly working me into the schedule, mostly by my boss pimping me out to other divisions of the company.  I guess my wide-ranging experience, I get bored easily,  is finally paying off.  It’s been a rather busy few weeks, I’ve been to four meetings and a full-blown upgrade by way of ” Can you get here by tomorrow?”, next month looks to be rather busy too, then I’m thumb twiddling until Nov. Dec.   It’s been a busy month for recruiters too, at least 2 or 3 a day, most of them want me to take a 20-30% cut in pay and do more work.  I’m not a CAD guy, I don’t do CAD, I do Controls, in the field, I don’t ride a desk, I ride an airplane to my next site.  “We want you to travel 80% of the time and still do a month worth of office work on the 4 days a month that you’re here, oh and you’ll be salary so we will make sure that you have to put in at least 60 – 80 hrs./week for 40 hrs. of pay, and we’re only willing to pay you an entry level engineering salary”.  That is SOOOOO TEMPTING, but I think you need to find someone more masochistic, or just plain stupid.   I have a job, I have skills, I have experience, you need me, I don’t need you.  True I spend more time than I’s like going “Hey guys, does anybody have any office work that I can do for them?” but I get to learn what equipment each site has, just in case I need to go there, someday, maybe.

I’ve finally been able to get some reading done too, I picked up Cedar Sandersons “Warp Resonance” 5 short stories with female protagonists, a fun little two hour read.  The new David Drake Lt. Leary book, an enjoyable read, as usual.  So I’m down to about 200 books in my “to read” pile.

I’ve finally figured out how to tune my Megasquirt, pretty simple when you figure out what’s going on and why.  I was told that it had been tuned really fat, alcahol fuel fat, turns it thsat it was so lean that I was in danger of burning my valves and melting a hole in a piston.  The new tune is working quite well, not finished yet, but much better, it idles without the choke now.


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