A New Year, A New Set of Old Problems

Well, it’s a new year, same as the old year, same problems, same annoyances, same anti-motivational clap trap that keeps me from wanting to even leave my house long enough to get food.  But I will muster the energy and keep plodding forward, as I must, if I don’t I can’t do the Fun Stuff, no Goth Cruise this year, but definitely next year, Not-Cincy this year, absolutely, even if it is no longer in Cincy, Street Machine Nationals, already registered, Bonelli mkI GTG, it’s a 28 hr drive, but a doable drive, as long as the Scirocco doesn’t let me down.

I know some of you might be reading that and saying” oooo, he’s depressed”, no, no I’m not, it’s just that I’m in northern Wisconsin and it’s COLD outside, -2 currently, with a -23 wind chill, it kinda saps a guys strength, I must be getting old,I’m actually considering moving the Arizona or New Mexico.

But to everyone out there:

Have a Happy and Bountiful New Year.



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