I Give Up, For Now

Yep, you heard right, I’m giving up on school, for a bit.  I’m kinda burned out right now and my work schedule is getting a bit too hectic, again.  So no BS this year, besides I need to pay down my loans some.    Now to make the calls and drop the classes, FREEDOM.

Hectic can be good or it can be bad, but mostly it’s just meh.  My boss keeps pimping me out to keep my utilization numbers up without horribly over charging to real projects, I was raised on a farm, I can milk with the best of ’em. As an added bonus, the guy that I was supposed to replace on this product line refuses to give up his customers and, more importantly, his 5 figures in OT.  So I am being pimped out to everyone he can find that needs an extra body, but this has the hidden benefit of my getting sent to all sorts of training too, bad for my productivity, but good for staving off my boredom and getting me out of my house. 

Speaking of added training, next month I get to go to a 2 week course on installation and calibration of Mass Spectrometers, this sounds like a good gig, not that I think I’ll do a lot of installs on these, but the installs will be all over the world, so lots of travel.   I can live with that.    

Okay, my babbling is done, everyone have a great day.


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