Monthly Archives: June 2017

And I’m Off For Fun And Frivolity

Well, I’m heading out to meet up with some friends in Chicago so we can get up at the asscrack of dawn and head to Cincy, which happens in Dayton this year, but then it hasn’t actually been in Cincy in over 20 years so…   The Scirocco GTG in Cincy, a very enjoyable weekend each June, even more so that the Bonelli GTG in San Dimas, CA, mostly because I can drive my Scirocco to Cincy in a day, I’ve done it, it’s a long day, but very doable. 

Officially it is just a 1 day even , but we seem to stretch it to 3, lots of stories, and catching up and working on 30+ year old vehicles.

Well TTFN, off to have fun.