Off to see the … Great State of Canadia

Well, it looks like I’m being pimped out again, this time to the Canadians. I’ve spent two weeks digging up documentation from stuff I did over 30 years ago, and the office ends up filling out the forms wrong, so now I have to wait for people to get back to the office after the Great Long Weekend, apparently it lasts over a week.

According to the Canadian office I’m a Mexican citizen, well with the US passport, which I sent them a scan of, I pretty sure that won’t fly.  So either these people are very bad at doing their jobs, or, like most Canadian Border agents, they are looking for an excuse to get an US citizen banned from Canada.

Don’t know which it is, but until it’s straightened out, I ain’t going. Not real thrilled about spending 2-3 months in Fort McMurray anyway, but the money’s good.


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