Stuck in Canadia

Well, it looks like I finally get out of here on Saturday, my 7 days has turned into 18, and as soon as I touch down I get to hop in my car and drive 11 hours to get to another customer, yay me. 

At least I’m being payed decently for this much running around, but being stuck in a mancamp like this makes me appreciate the ease of mobility I have, thanks to that wonderful invention, the automobile.  Nothing is within walking distance, and driving my personal vehicle up here is out of the question, and the prices at the onsite commissary remind me of the folk song “Sixteen Tons” ” St. Peter don’t ya’ call me ’cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store”  $22 for a cheap bath towel.

End rant.

Ta Ta For Now.


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