I Give Up, For Now

Yep, you heard right, I’m giving up on school, for a bit.  I’m kinda burned out right now and my work schedule is getting a bit too hectic, again.  So no BS this year, besides I need to pay down my loans some.    Now to make the calls and drop the classes, FREEDOM.

Hectic can be good or it can be bad, but mostly it’s just meh.  My boss keeps pimping me out to keep my utilization numbers up without horribly over charging to real projects, I was raised on a farm, I can milk with the best of ’em. As an added bonus, the guy that I was supposed to replace on this product line refuses to give up his customers and, more importantly, his 5 figures in OT.  So I am being pimped out to everyone he can find that needs an extra body, but this has the hidden benefit of my getting sent to all sorts of training too, bad for my productivity, but good for staving off my boredom and getting me out of my house. 

Speaking of added training, next month I get to go to a 2 week course on installation and calibration of Mass Spectrometers, this sounds like a good gig, not that I think I’ll do a lot of installs on these, but the installs will be all over the world, so lots of travel.   I can live with that.    

Okay, my babbling is done, everyone have a great day.


It’s Been Awhile

Well, it’s been awhile, but I’ve had very little to say. Too cold to do anything other than kind of hibernate.   Been feeling a little off for a bit over a month now. It started as a head cold, but after the first week it settled into my lungs and won’t let go.  I can almost feel myself gurgle.   Well, I’d better get something done, even if it’s wrong.

A New Year, A New Set of Old Problems

Well, it’s a new year, same as the old year, same problems, same annoyances, same anti-motivational clap trap that keeps me from wanting to even leave my house long enough to get food.  But I will muster the energy and keep plodding forward, as I must, if I don’t I can’t do the Fun Stuff, no Goth Cruise this year, but definitely next year, Not-Cincy this year, absolutely, even if it is no longer in Cincy, Street Machine Nationals, already registered, Bonelli mkI GTG, it’s a 28 hr drive, but a doable drive, as long as the Scirocco doesn’t let me down.

I know some of you might be reading that and saying” oooo, he’s depressed”, no, no I’m not, it’s just that I’m in northern Wisconsin and it’s COLD outside, -2 currently, with a -23 wind chill, it kinda saps a guys strength, I must be getting old,I’m actually considering moving the Arizona or New Mexico.

But to everyone out there:

Have a Happy and Bountiful New Year.


The Busy Season

Well, we’re finally getting into the busy season, I haz stuffs to doooo. Oh my goodness.

So they seem to be slowly working me into the schedule, mostly by my boss pimping me out to other divisions of the company.  I guess my wide-ranging experience, I get bored easily,  is finally paying off.  It’s been a rather busy few weeks, I’ve been to four meetings and a full-blown upgrade by way of ” Can you get here by tomorrow?”, next month looks to be rather busy too, then I’m thumb twiddling until Nov. Dec.   It’s been a busy month for recruiters too, at least 2 or 3 a day, most of them want me to take a 20-30% cut in pay and do more work.  I’m not a CAD guy, I don’t do CAD, I do Controls, in the field, I don’t ride a desk, I ride an airplane to my next site.  “We want you to travel 80% of the time and still do a month worth of office work on the 4 days a month that you’re here, oh and you’ll be salary so we will make sure that you have to put in at least 60 – 80 hrs./week for 40 hrs. of pay, and we’re only willing to pay you an entry level engineering salary”.  That is SOOOOO TEMPTING, but I think you need to find someone more masochistic, or just plain stupid.   I have a job, I have skills, I have experience, you need me, I don’t need you.  True I spend more time than I’s like going “Hey guys, does anybody have any office work that I can do for them?” but I get to learn what equipment each site has, just in case I need to go there, someday, maybe.

I’ve finally been able to get some reading done too, I picked up Cedar Sandersons “Warp Resonance” 5 short stories with female protagonists, a fun little two hour read.  The new David Drake Lt. Leary book, an enjoyable read, as usual.  So I’m down to about 200 books in my “to read” pile.

I’ve finally figured out how to tune my Megasquirt, pretty simple when you figure out what’s going on and why.  I was told that it had been tuned really fat, alcahol fuel fat, turns it thsat it was so lean that I was in danger of burning my valves and melting a hole in a piston.  The new tune is working quite well, not finished yet, but much better, it idles without the choke now.

Another Month Done

Well, here’s another month gone. I was actually allowed to do real work, with real people, imagine that.  I did a couple of system upgrades, even being sent back to the hotel for a day so the site could get their poop in a group and install the bypasses, which they didn’t manage to do, we were still able to get done ahead of schedule.  All in all, a good week, but I need to be able to string more of those together.

I guess it’s back to paperwork and twiddling my thumbs.


TTFN Everyone.


It’s My Birfday!

Or I like to call it Thursday.  Yep, I’m another year older and working on my birthday. To be honest, I usually forget it’s my birthday until someone wishes me a Happy Birthday, this year it was one of my sisters, and Arby’s, and Shanghai Bistro, and Applebee’s, Famous Dave’s, Taco John’s, Advance Auto, and several online forums, and a radio station down in TN, that one I don’t get, living here in the frozen north.  But I still have to work, but my “Give a Sh!t” is busted, but the work must get done.  

The heck with it, I need a dozen 1k resistors, so I’m heading to Radio Shack, yes, there’s one about 5 miles from me, you’d almost think I planned my home purchase based on the proximity to a DIY electronics store, but no I based it on the amount of acreage, lack of neighbors, and easy driving distance to a decent sized airport.  But I need some resistors so I can put some LEDs in the dash of my Scirocco, the LC1 needs an LED to flash trouble codes, and I’m building a digital dash for my Moto Guzzi, I have a set of digital gauges from Nordskog so now I need LEDs for the idiot lights, turn indicators and high beam indicator.

I’m thinking that maybe I should make this blog more useful rather than just using it for my meandering thoughts.   

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Hello? Anybody out there?  Just kidding.